ELCOM was founded in early 1992 with headquarters in Tuzla, Bosnia and Herzegovina. ELCOM today employs highly educated personnel in the field of electrical engineering, with a particular focus on design solutions for Automation of technological plants in industry and energy.

ELCOM’s core business is the production of equipment and systems for automatic control, regulation and visualization in industrial processes, which involves engineering in measurement, control and regulation using Programmable Logical Controlers and sistems for processes visualization (Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition – SCADA), and their servicing, maintenance, installation and commissioning.

The platform on which ELCOM builds project solutions is based mainly on SIEMENS hardware and software products and components.
ELCOM is a certified Siemens Solution Partner Automation.

We want to highlight positive experiences in the construction of Automation System based on SIEMENS HW / SW equipment.

This is supported by customer endorsements in the exploitation of equipment for measuring, control, monitoring visualization of industrial and power engineering processes, based on SIEMENS PLC programmable logic controllers of the SIMATC S7-200, S7-300 and S7-400 family, sensor equipment in the family field SITRANS and SIRIUS switchgear.