MEDUPI Project

The largest ever Coal-based Power Plant in Africa
Medupi Thermal Power Plant
4.8 GW

Commissioning of the Unit 6 – 800 MW has started

ELCOM is an external Software and Hardware support for ALSTOM on MEDUPI Project which isthe biggest project ever on the African continent. During execution of Medupi project, ELCOM participated in the SW and HW engineering, preparation of the FAT for Boiler Protection System (BPS) of the Unit 6 and now ELCOM is included in the commissioning of the Unit 6 – 800 MW which is the first build unit.The Medupi Power Plant is located in South Africa at Lephalale, in the Limpopo Province. Once complete, the coal-fired power plant will represent around 12% of South Africa’s power generation. The power plant will have six units each powering an ALSTOM 800 MW turbine and generator, producing total 4.8 GW of power. It is expected to become the largest dry-cooled coal-fired power station in the world.

The Alstom Turnkey Engineering Procurement Construction contract for six turbine islands and Air Cooled Condensers includes engineering, procurement and logistics and construction as well as the associated erection services and commissioning.Alstom is also installing its latest automation system on the world’s largest coal-fired power plant. The Medupi plant takes into account comprehensive environmental management. The design of the power plant will result in higher efficiency, and thus in better utilization of both water and coal resources and improved environmental performance. A dry cooled process uses less water than a conventional coal-fired power plant.

Medupi Power Station - 794 MW Unit
Medupi Power Station – 794 MW Unit

Medupi is made up of 6 X 800MW units with a total capacity of 4 800MW. This baseload power station is the first in Eskom to have super critical boiler and turbine technology designed to operate at higher temperatures and pressures. Medupi utilises direct dry cooling technology designed to operate in areas with severe shortage of water.

Technology: Coal, dry cooling, flue-gas desulphurisation (FGD) to remove sulphur dioxide emissions

  • Bag filters to remove particulate emissions
  • Output: 4 764MW (6 x 794MW units)
  • Location: Lephalale