Award “DOBRO”

Bosnia and Herzegovina
Sarajevo, 28.10.2014

In the ambience of the Sarajevo City Hall and good people, winners of DOBRO for philanthropy in six categories were declared. Award winner in the field of corporate philanthropy are:

Category of Large Companies: Prevent BH Ltd.
Category of Middle-sized Companies: VGT osiguranje JSC.
Category of Small Companies: Elcom Ltd.

Inspired by the extraordinary solidarity expressed during the unprecedented floods in May 2014, Mozaik Foundationdecided to thank the companies for their contribution to recovery from the floods which happend between 14 and 18 May,2014 when a low-pressure cyclone designated Tamara (also:”Yvette”) affected a large area of Southeastern and Central Europe, causing floods and landslides. Bosnia and Herzegovina suffered high damages, as the rain was the heaviest in 120 years of recorded weather measurements.

Mozaik Foundation
That evening we celebrated GOOD and philanthropy, and thanked to all good people and companies for everything they do for the benefit of society. Thanks for philanthropic activities we awarded to the 21 individuals and 16 companies, shortlisted for the award DOBRO for Philanthropy. Special thanks to everyone who nominated for the award DOBRO for Philanthropy and helped us to thank those who deserve it.

Elcom Ltd: Philanthropy as a Way of Spreading the Good

By the following awards GOOD for philanthropy, remember: It’s good to be good!