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ELCOM Company was established in 1992 in Tuzla, Bosnia and Herzegovina. Today, the Company hires high-educated employees from the area ofelectrical engineering, with aspecial overview on project solutions of automatic controlling systems in industry and energetics. The main activity of the ELCOM Company is production of equipment and systems for automatic control, regulation and visualization in industrial processes, that implies engineering in process control and regulation with application of Programmable Logical Controllers and systems for process visualization (Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition – SCADA), as well as servicing, maintenance, assemblage and commisioning of the same.



A platform on which the ELCOM Company builds its project solutions is mostly based on hardware and software products and components from concern SIEMENS, whose partner company we have been since 1997. Officially, since 2006, we have been certified as Siemens Solution Partner for Automation.

With this opportunity we would especially like to emphasize our positive experiences in implementation, as well as confirmations from our clients inexploitation of equipment for control, monitoring and visualization of industrial processes based on SIEMENS PLC programmable Logical Controllers of the SIMATC family S7-200, S7-300 and S7-400, sensory equipment from the SITRANS family, and the SIRIUS low voltage switchgear.
Elcom is very recognizable brand in process automation area. We are building our success on continual learning and development of human and natural potentials. Our market position we are checking through satisfaction of our clients and employees. 
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